Microservice or monolith?

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Chris Richardson is one of the experts in the field of microservice architecture. In the majority of his talks, he emphasizes that “Use monolith as much as you can.” And use microservice architecture only when you are sure that monolith architecture is not enough for you.

Make the most of the monolithic architecture.
The monolithic architecture is not an anti-pattern.
If software delivery is slow =>
▫️ Optimize development process
▫️ Improve deployment pipeline = more automation
▫️ Improve team autonomy
▫️ Modularize the monolith
▫️ Eliminate hand-offs and create cross functional teams
▫️ If technology stack is obsolete => modernize to a new monolith

Read more: https://www.slideshare.net/chris.e.richardson/decompose-your-monolith-strategies-for-migrating-to-microservices-tide

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