About DDD Iran community

How DDD Iran Community was founded

In July 2019 during some sessions and conversations with Domain-Driven Design enthusiasts the idea of founding a community and the necessity of creating a platform for knowledge sharing among DDD experts was discussed and all agreed on founding a community around Domain-Driven Design.
Therefore, the founders board was formed to follow up actions needed in order to found the community.

DDD Iran community founders board members (in alphabetic order):

DDD Iran community was founded with the purpose of spreading and development of new approaches towards modeling, analysis, design and software architecture, improving software craftsmanship enthusiasts’ skills in both quality and quantity and also teaching and consulting in fields of design, modeling and complex software architecture.
DDD Iran community is a non-profit community and does not belong to any category, community or organization, whether social, political, religious or ethnic and its members regardless of gender and physical characteristics only participate in scientific activities.

Duties & activities

  • Providing platform for expanding scientific communication and exchanging experience between experts interested in DDD related subjects
  • Organizing scientific gathering in the country and different areas
  • Creating and publishing educational content about modeling, design, architecture and software craftsmanship
  • Providing consulting and training service to individuals and organizations 
  • Establishing connection and cooperating with DDD associations in other countries

Pillars of the community
Iran DDD community to advance their activities has formed two committees:
🔘 Committee of scientific meetings
🔘 Committee of communications & publications