Patterns, heuristics and elephants!

Patterns, heuristics and elephants! Why elephants? Because elephants are an observable phenomenon, a pattern in nature. We observe them, they are described and represented in various ways and even some people claim to know all about them. The fact is that our knowledge from elephants is limited.

This article by making an example of elephants talks about challenges, taboos and problems related to understanding and using patterns. But what are these challenges or taboos? The challenge of representing and explaining a pattern for authors, dealing with newborn patterns, the idea of having a whole book for a pattern, the minimum needed questioning and … are all just a few examples of what can be discussed. These problems and concerns are the elephant in the room, they exist but no one talks about them.

The reason that trigged me the most to read this article was curiosity about the mindset of pattern authors and gatherers. Because when we look at this issue from a distance, we start to realize that we developers are solving puzzles with techniques invented by them. Before I come across this article this thought was something that one friend and I had a conversation about and our main question was that where these people’s point of view comes from and in order to reach that point which mental strains should be loosen. If issues that are discussed in article interests you or you have a question like mine, I suggest that you read this.

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